Junior’s League

At this time, the beginner group is full.  There is a wait list for spots if they are to open.



Dear Junior Golfers and Parent(s),

Our main goal of the junior program is for the kids to have FUN as well as promote the game of golf to develop lifelong golfers.  The league season will be seven weeks and will be every Tuesday morning starting on Tuesday, June 19th, and will conclude Tuesday, July 31st, with an end of season fun day and party. The program will be split into 4 groups: 1 Advanced, 2 Intermediate, and 1 Beginner.  All four groups will receive instruction before playing, with the beginner group receiving the most instruction each week.  With two different Intermediate groups at different times, your junior will remain in the same time slot that they were signed up for throughout the entirety of the program.


These are juniors who plan on continuing in golf in either tournaments or high school. They must be able to play with limited supervision, have an understanding of the golf course etiquette, and able to play a regulation golf course competitively. After receiving instruction, this group will play at least 9 holes every week. The league fee for the advanced group includes greens fees, instruction, league gift, and the end of season party.  This group will check in at 8:00 each Tuesday morning.  The high school prep / advanced group are limited to a maximum of 24 juniors.


These are the juniors who have some knowledge of golf and some experience on a golf course.  These juniors will receive instruction before playing 9 holes with limited supervision.  The intermediate golfers will be broken into two separate groups.  Intermediate Group A will check in at 8:30, Intermediate Group B will check in at 9:15, each Tuesday morning.  If the junior would prefer to play with certain other juniors within the intermediate group, this wish must be expressed on the league application form so that arrangements can be made.  The league fee for the intermediate group includes green fees, instruction, league gift, and end of season party.  Each intermediate group is limited to a maximum of 24 juniors.


These are the juniors who have very little golf experience.  These juniors will receive the most guidance and instruction before playing on the course.  These juniors will have limited exposure to the course until later in the program, but will receive the most on course supervision.   This group will check in at 10:00 each Tuesday morning.  The league fee for the beginner group includes green fees, instruction, league gift, and an end of season party.  The beginner group is limited to a maximum of 16 juniors.


Available To Junior Golf League Members Only!

For an additional fee of $75.00, Junior League participants can receive unlimited golf through the duration of the Junior Golf League (June 19th – July 31st), provided that their tee times are between 11:00am and 2:00pm, Monday thru Thursday.  This play will not be supervised; the juniors will be playing entirely on their own.  However, parents are encouraged to join them for a discounted walking rate of only $7.00 for 9 holes and $14.00 for 18 holes.


  • All applications must be paid in full at the time of registration.  We will not hold spots for any unpaid juniors.  After receiving the completed application, we will send out a weekly schedule that details what we will cover over the 7 week course.  The schedule will be mailed out at the end of May, and will also include a rough estimate on expected pick-up times each week.


  • If any weeks are cancelled due to inclement weather, we will issue a 9 hole rain check for the junior.  Rainouts will not be rescheduled.  All decisions that are weather based will not be made more than 30 minutes prior to the start of the junior program.


  • We will not issue rain checks, refunds or prorated fees for any weeks missed.  Please check your summer schedule before registering to avoid any conflicts.


  • If your child needs to leave early or play with someone certain for carpooling purposes, please have them make the instructors aware at the beginning of class so arrangements can be made.


  • Any unsafe actions or lack of respect to the other students, volunteers, staff, or the instructors will not be tolerated.


  • We believe it is the best interest of the juniors if we put less emphasis on trophies and awards, and instead concentrate on self-improvement, fun and most importantly, participation. Please discus with your junior the importance of playing the number of holes they are scheduled for each week.


  • With limited numbers in each group it will give us a better opportunity for one on one interaction with each junior. Each class has a maximum number of juniors; once they are full we cannot add to the group.  We will have a waiting list for each class. Spots are available on a first come first serve basis, and must be paid in advance.




If you have any questions concerning this letter please feel free to contact Brook at (608) 835-7789 or by email.