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The season will be played mainly as two person teams.  The league will be handicapped; your handicaps will be determined by the average of your scores during league play. League handicaps will also factor in WSGA handicaps and past performance in the league.  The length of the season will be 20 total weeks from April 26th to September 6th.  Tee times likely will be from 3:44 – 5:36 (may change depending on the number of teams).  If there is more demand for early tee times, we may start earlier or vice versa for if there is a greater demand for late tee times.  Foxboro will assign the time slots one week in advance.  Tee times will be based off of what time frame you select from the application. 

The greens fees, carts fees and prize fund have not changed since 2011.  
New for the 2017 season, all winngings/prizes will be paid in cash $$$.  There will be weekly and end of the year prizes.  Weekly prizes will be available the following week while checking in!  Below is a breakdown of the pricing information for league:

Full and restricted members ~    $100.00 carts fees ($5/week)

$100.00 prize fund ($5/week)

                                    TOTAL $200.00

Non-members ~                        $60.00 discount card

                                               $220.00 greens fees ($11/week)

                                               $100.00 carts fees ($5/week)

$100.00 prize fund ($5/week)

                                     TOTAL $480.00

Please submit your application ASAP, payment is due by April 12th (all tax is included in the rates).

All fees must be paid in advance.
Please contact us via email as soon as possible if you are unable to participate this year.

This league is a men’s only league competed in by two person teams.  All players must be 18 years of age or older.  If you do not have a partner yet and still want to play in the league, submit your application as a single and we will try to pair you up with another single.  Anyone can play; there are no handicap restrictions.  If you have any comments or questions feel free to contact us through email at or at (608) 835-7789.

There will be a league meeting at 6:00pm on Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017 at Foxboro Golf Club.  Feel free to pass the application along to friends or co-workers; we will always be looking for new players to join the league.  If you have someone who would like to sub for the league, please submit his information for a sub list.


Weeks 1&2:                         Establish handicap if needed, if not events will be TBD.

Weeks 3-7:                          Individual/Team match play. Low handicaps against each other. All play will be match/medal (1 point each). 1 bonus point if you win both, 1 bonus point for league low gross / low net.

Weeks 8-12:                        Team match play. One net bestball, playing off lowest players handicap in group.  9 points per week.

Weeks 13-16:                      4 week Individual League Championship, best 2 out of 4 rounds using 1 score from front 9 and 1 score from back 9.

Week 17-19:                        Overall championship match (week19). Top 4 teams from the first two sessions compete tournament style.  All non-qualifiers will compete in special events.

Week 20:                              Banquet night, event TBD (shotgun)

One of the biggest concerns each season is with handicaps and how they were formed, so early on in the season we will play match and medal to make every stroke count, this will help reduce any attempts to alter handicaps.  If available we will also adjust handicaps based on past performance.  Also please keep in mind the more flexible you are with the times you and your partner can play, the more teams you will be able to compete against.